Monday, 12 September 2011

Listing out leap years between certain period

The programming lesson will teach you the coding for finding and listing out the leap years between two years. In the following example we have to find out the leap years between 1990 and 2006. First define the two years under a class "leapyears". Let i = 2006 and n=1990. Now with the help of for loop method initialize the year as n=1990 and n<=i. Also apply the increment statement in the loop as we have to check one by one. 
As we know a leap year is divisible by 4, define an integer l=n%4. So if 'n' is divisible by 4 or l=0, then the particular year can be a leap year. For checking this, apply the if statement and if this satisfies then, the year will be a leap year. For listing out each year write "+n" in the System.out.println. 
Now compile and run the program in the command window and see the result. If you find any error, check the whole program and find out the 

Here is the code of the program:

class leapyears 
  public static void main(String[] args
  int i=2006;
  int n;
  for (n=1990; n<=i ; n++){
  int l=n%4;
  if (l==0){
  System.out.println("leap year: "+n);
Download this program.
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