Friday, 29 July 2016

Creating a Java Menu

creating a java sub-menu

This java program is used for creating a java sub-menu.

//Java Core Package
import javax.swing.*;
//Java Extension Package
import java.awt.*;

public class creatingSubJMenuItem extends JFrame {

 //Initializing program components
 private JMenu menus;
 private JMenuBar bar;
 private JMenu mainItem[];
 private JMenuItem subItems[];

 //Setting up GUI
    public creatingSubJMenuItem() {
     //Setting up the Title of the Window
     super("Creating a Sub JMenuItem");

     //Set Size of the Window (WIDTH, HEIGHT)

     //Exit Property of the Window
  //Constructing JMenu "File" with mnemonic 'F'
     menus = new JMenu("File");
     //Constructing main JMenu and add it in JMenu "File"
     mainItem = new JMenu[1];
     for(int count=0; count<mainItem.length; count++){
      mainItem[count] = new JMenu("Main Menu "+(count+1));
      menus.add(mainItem[count]); //Adding JMenu "mainItem" in the JMenu "File"
     //Constructing JMenuItem "subItems" as a Sub Menu to the main JMenu
     subItems = new JMenuItem[5];
     for(int count=0; count<subItems.length; count++){
      subItems[count] = new JMenuItem("Sub Menu "+(count+1));
      mainItem[0].add(subItems[count]); //Adding JMenuItem "subItems" in the JMenu "mainItem"
     //Constructing JMenuBar
     bar = new JMenuBar();
     bar.add(menus); //Adding the JMenu "File" in the JMenuBar
     //Setting up the JMenuBar in the container

     //Setting up the container ready for the components to be added.
     Container pane = getContentPane();

     /**Set all the Components Visible.
      * If it is set to "false", the components in the container will not be visible.
 //Main Method
    public static void main (String[] args) {
     creatingSubJMenuItem csjmi = new creatingSubJMenuItem();